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Ski parking area
BACKSTAGE – the other side of tourism

Installation on the ski slope, Wolfgang Hauer and Margit Nobis
22.12.–31.12.2003 Ski slope Planai/Schladming
23.01.–25.01.2004 Exhibition/International conference/Workshop at Forum Stadtpark Graz


The skis put down in front of every ski hut in Austrian winter sports regions define the place as a concentration spot. This sign of accumulation of many people is now transfered to a place beyond the usual touristic attention. In this installation skis and snowboards were placed in the usual characteristic way on a spot on the ski slope of the Planai chosen quite arbitrarily, where no attraction or anything of interest at all was to be found. The ski parking area - as a symbol for logistic workflows in touristic regions - remains unnoticed most of the time, and is only brought to notice by its local isolation.

This ski parking installation identifies tourism clearly as a business with its own specific infrastructure and side shows. By creating the appearance of a gathering of people but at the same time the absence of the promised attraction the spectator is to detect that many aspects of his holiday resort are outside common attention. Hence, the installation inveigles questioning the institutions and operations going on behind the touristic scene.

Project credits Ski-Abstellplatz: Wolfgang Hauer and Margit Nobis. Public art –  ski slope of Planai/Schladming. Documentation shown at Backstage – Kehrseiten des Tourismus, exhibition/interdisciplinary symposion/workshop, Forum Stadtpark Graz, Michael Zingangel. Thanks for the support to: planai & Hochwurzen, Blizzard Ski, blue tomato, Intersport Bachler/Eybl/Dusika, Sport Pitzer, Charly Kahr

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