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Hermeneutic Wallpapers
Wallpaper as an artistic-scientific installation in exhibition spaces

Haydn Explosiv – eine europäische Karriere am Fürstenhof der Esterházy
Haydn Explosive – A European Career at the Court of the Esterházy Princes
Curator: Herbert Lachmayer. Esterházy Palace, Eisenstadt

Wallpapers by Franz West/Rudolf Polanszky/Margit Nobis
and by Herbert Lachmayer/Margit Nobis

Hermeneutic Wallpaper (Franz West/Rudolf Polanszky/Margit Nobis) in the exhibition Haydn Explosive – A European Career at the Court of the Esterházy Princes, Curator: Herbert Lachmayer, Esterházy Palace, Eisenstadt. Carpet: Roy Lichtenstein
Hermeneutic Wallpaper design by Franz West, Rudolf Polanszky and Margit Nobis for the exhibition. Produced in 3 different sizes and 8 variations.

Hermeneutic wallpapered wall with flat screen showing sequences of images and text connected to the processing of the exhibition content. The wallpaper ornamentation is displayed on the screens in an exact section of the wall every 40 seconds. Digital media: Daniel Dobler (IM Solutions)

The monitors are set completely flat into the wall – without sticking out or being recessed. The edged wallpaper-cutout frames the srceen precisely.
Two different Hermeneutic Wallpapers in the central room of the Sala Terrena at Esterházy Palace. Sidewall: by West/Polanszky/Nobis. Frontwall and room behind it: Lachmayer/Nobis. Ceiling projection: Daniel Dobler (IM Solutions). Animation: Clemens Kogler
The quadruple ceiling projection reproduces the pattern of the Roy Lichtenstein carpet. Projection: Daniel Dobler (IM Solutions). Animation: Clemens Kogler
Wallpaper and gauze projection from the back (Hagen Quartett), media installation: Daniel Dobler (IM Solutions)
Wallpaper in three different size variations. Drawing (left): Günter Brus. Painting at the back wall: gelitin. In front of it: model of the House of Caprices Laxenburg
Hermeneutic Wallpaper 'Opera' (Lachmayer/Nobis). Painting on the right: Peter Baldinger
The flat screen is just about to complete the wallpaper (Hermeneutic Wallpaper 'Opera' by Lachmayer/Nobis)
Wallpaper design 'Sheets of music' (Lachmayer/Nobis). Ceiling painting: Otto Zitko

Exhibition credits Haydn Explosiv - eine europäische Karriere am Fürstenhof der Esterházy, 2009: Client: Esterházy Privatstiftung, Cultural Director: Alfred Weidinger, Curator: Herbert Lachmayer, Vice-Curator: Daniel Brandenburg, Production: Agnes Hannes, Team Musicology: Daniel Brandenburg, Gernot Gruber, Teresa Hrdlicka, Design: Herbert Lachmayer, Coordination: Andrea Traxler, Digital Media: Daniel Dobler, Digital Imaging: Sabine Jelinek, Lighting Engineering: Lukas Kaltenbäck, Sound: Wolfgang Dorninger, Wallpapers: Franz West/Rudolf Polanszky/Margit Nobis, Herbert Lachmayer/MargitNobis, Carpet: Roy Lichtenstein for Vorwerk, Animation: Clemens Kogler, Kai Matthiesen, Daniel Dobler, Children's screens – idea and conception: Barbara Mungenast, Show cases: n-o-m-a-d

Photos: © Lukas Schaller (1,3,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14), © Stefan Brammer (4,5), © Rudolf Hemetzberger (6)

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