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Painting on/of Hermeneutic Wallpaper

in the exhibition (dis)play — art work – space – beholder
Curated/Initiated by Agnes Hannes. Display: Nicolai Rigler
Gallery of the Upper Austrian Art Association, Linz

Wall construction/wallpaper, painting, gold coloured wooden frame, computer/flat screen/animation
Painting/Monitor/Wallpaper-Installation Margit Nobis in the exhibition (dis)play — art work – space – beholder, curated and initiated by Agnes Hannes. The wallpaper art comes from the exhibition Beschwörung nationaler Identität: Das Bernhardzimmer – Neugotik im Herzen des Klassizismus
Media installation: flat and frameless screen embedded in the wall. The wallpaper ornamentation is displayed on the screens now and then

Painting (acrylic on canvas, 65 x 51 cm), gold coloured wooden frame depicting a wallpaper detail

Detail of the acrylic painting
Wallpapered wall construction, painting (on the left), flat screen (on the right)

Board construction with integrated media. The computer delivers the image data for the flat screen in the front.
Left: The monitor is showing the wallpaper's pattern
Right: The screen describes the person's emblems/portraits of the wallpaper design: generations of the royal family of Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach, Friedrich Schiller and the Bernhard Chamber's architect at City Castle Weimar

Framed painting – appearing almost as if there was only an empty frame
The image the monitor is showing right now has got it's own virtual frame
The plain screen shows the orinigal painting as a digital image. Even the wooden frame is a virtual one. The emblem is part of the oil painting which initially served as the base of the wallpaper design
Left: The installation's monitor in the exhibition (dis)play — art work – space – beholder displays the origin of the wallpaper design: it's a picture of the Hermeneutic Wallpaper covering the staircase walls of City Castle Weimar during the exhibition Summoning of National Identity – the Bernhard Chamber: Neogothic at the Heart of Classicism curated by Herbert Lachmayer (2009/10)
Schiller's head is blushing (left) – finally the whole screen is blushing

Exhibition credits (dis)play — Kunstwerk – Raum – BetrachterIn, 2010: Curator: Agnes Hannes, Display: Nicolai Rigler. Group exhibition with works by: Katrin and Jens Bruder, Ingrid Gaier, Iris Julian, Margit Nobis, Daniela Pesendorfer, Elisabeth Schmirl and Stefan Heizinger, Coordination: Ingrid Hahn (Galerie des Oberösterreichischen Kunstvereins), Thanks to: Herbert Lachmayer, Marc Mühlberger, Wolfgang Hauer, Ingrid Hahn, Nicolai Rigler, Gerhard Herzog and the Sponsors of the OÖ Kunstverein

Photos: © Lukas Schaller (1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,13,15,16), © Ingrid Hahn (4,12,), © Thomas Müller (14)

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